Avelino Sala

Avelino Sala

Avelino Sala

Born in Gijón in 1972, he achieved a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Critical Art Practice from the University of Brighton (UK), is the founder of the periodical Sublime arte + cultura contemporanea , and co-director of the curatorial group Commission. In 2010 he was a grant-holder at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

His artistic pursuit lingers on the contradictions innate to the role of the artist in contemporary society. He has become known for his works as one of the most important artists in the current landscape, questioning societal and cultural reality from a late-Romantic perspective.

Projects produced with DATABASE

In 2012 he took part in the first edition of DATABASE with the exhibition “DISTOPIA: RIGHT NOW”, curated by Federica Forti and showcased at the Marble Museum of Carrara from May 25th to July 19th 2012. During this time, the artist took part in a meeting with the public which also featured art critic Josè Luis Corazòn Ardura, and the historian and researcher Emanuela Minuto.

In 2013 he participated in the group show “Gran Kan, racconti d’artista per viaggiatori” curated by Federica Forti at GNAM, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, and at the Real Academia de España.

In 2014 his two pieces titled Resistencia y ocaso were displayed along with other works from the DATABASE collection at CAMeC – the Modern and Contemporary Art Centre of La Spezia – within the exhibition “Project Room – Scultura” , curated by Federica Forti, Francesca Cattoi and Eleonora Acerbi, with help from Silvia Benvenuti. 

A number of his works are available for viewing and purchase at the DATABASE showroom in Palazzo Forti, Via Buonarroti 1, Carrara.