2015 Program

Cura @ CAMeC La Spezia


April 24th – July 5th 2015

CAMeC Museum, La Spezia

Esterno Palazzo Via Buonarroti 1 Carrara courtesy Federica Forti (2)

Studi Aperti

May 23rd, 24th 2015

Palazzo Forti Via Buonarroti 1 – Carrara

TU 35

Ipotenusa | una mostra irrealizzabile

July 17th – August 2nd 2015

Officina Giovani, piazza dei Macelli 4, Prato

The schedule of events may be altered during the year (April – December 2015).

The information regarding meetings, conferences and shows will be posted on our website and within our newsletter.

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Guided tours of the museum and workshops for children will be held throughout the period of the program. For reservations and info info@database-carrara.com