Fabrizio Prevedello

Fabrizio Prevedello

Fabrizio Prevedello, photo courtesy the artist

Born in Padua in 1972, following his studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara, he lived in Berlin from 1995 to 2002, where he began his activity as a sculptor. He has lived in Versilia (LU) for the past 10 years.

His artistic research sets off from his academic training in classical sculpture, and has moved in the past decade towards an expressive language that conjugates awareness for antiquity – in temrs of proportion and harmony, as well as esponsibility – with respect for the stone: a powerful expressive innovation that leaves its mark in contemporary sculpting.

To understand Prevedello, one must begin from that area of his research that above all others transcends the creation of art objects for the object’s sake. His “graftings” represent a gift, in the symbolic shape of a flower, that the artist hand-sculpts and places in the heart of the now-amandoned quarry.

Fabrizio Prevedello – Intarsio from Cardelli e Fontana on Vimeo.

Fabrizio Prevedello – quinto innnesto from Cardelli e Fontana on Vimeo.

Fabrizio Prevedello – portfolio

Fabrizio Prevedello

Projects produced with DATABASE

During his residency in Carrara, the artist focused on the areas of Mount Sagro and Mount Sella. The DATABASE residency program allows participants to choose the location of their stay in accordance with their work. In this case, Prevedello spent two weeks on the Apuan Alps, sleeping in refuges and quarries, and producing two graftings and two videos, which were showcased for the first time within the exhibition Apologia.

A number of his works are available for viewing and purchase at the DATABASE showroom within Palazzo Forti in Via Buonarroti 1, Carrara. 

Fabrizio Prevedello – allestimenti realizzati da DATABASE

Fabrizio Prevedello

Fabrizio Prevedello – DATABASE showroom artworks

Fabrizio Prevedello - DATABASE