“Our age is an age of compromises, of half measures, of the lesser evil. Visionaries are derided or despised, and «practical men» rule our lives. (…) If you want to express the difference between an organic progressive society and a static totalitarian regime, you can do so in one word: this word art.
(Maria Luisa Berneri, Journey through Utopia, LONDON, 1950) 

Piazza Alberica, Carrara

DATABASE is conceived as an operating method supporting the dream of cultural development, through which other dreams are born: the works of the artists we invite to Carrara to be inspired by the history, environment and landscape of the Apuan territory. 

We believe that our cultural heritage should be put to service of our local development; that the power of our heritage lies in collective memory, and that in turn such memory should be conserved in a selective and capillary manner, for which we have come up with the idea of an archive. A database, in fact.


Our DATABASE works from the inside out, through progressive stockpiling: our artists provide new readings and interpretations to the environment, involving citizens in an ongoing interaction with our heritage and art.

How do we do it? By designing site-specific projects and exhibitions whose connection to their environment makes them unique and non-reproducible. This is why, in time, the model we had conceived to foster the development of Carrara has become a stylistic and curatorial approach that we are able to apply to different contexts, both for projects developed of our own initiative and as tailor-made solutions for clients.