Palazzo Forti & Studi Aperti

23rd and 24th May, Palazzo Forti From 2pm to 9pm

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May 2015 more than 180 artists invite you to Carrara Studi Aperti (Carrara Open Studio): you can visit their studios, workshops, laboratories. Each studio will be recognizable through a plate / logo placed outside. Map of all the laboratories and the list of participants can be downloaded at www. and will be also distributed in paper form.  

Carrara Studi Aperti is a project started in 2014. The synergistic will of the participants mixed up with the simplicity and effectiveness of the organizational method guaranteed the success of this event. The formula is based on a model common in many major cities of Europe (“open-studios”, “Portes-ouvertes” …). The principle is to allow to everybody, during the event, access to those places usually reserved and sometimes hidden, intimate places of creation.
Carrara Open Studios is attended by a variety of artists, sculptors, painters, graphic, potters, photographers, designers, emerging talents and established artists from all over the world. So, thanks to its shape and wide open, the event may attract an audience of curious layman and art lovers as well as professionals, critics, collectors and gallery owners.  

Carrara Studi Aperti 2015

In this new edition the existing site will be transformed (web page: in a permanent and dynamic platform that will serve as a showcase of the artists featured in the city area. On the website you will find a map of the studios and the list of participating artists with their addresses and contacts. The map can be downloaded in pdf format.  

The map, in its paper version is no longer just back/front as in the first edition but will consist of a browsable booklet of 12 pages, containing the various areas from Marina di Carrara to the mountains. This year the initiative has had the economic contribution of some local merchants including bar / restaurants participating keeping open their exercises and that will appear on the map. On the map there are also indicated exhibitions and museums linked to the two days of Studi Aperti. Among them, located in the historic city center, an exhibition of photographs on the theme of the artist’s studies will serve as a point of information for the whole event.  

Studi Aperti 2015 Map

Another new feature of 2015 will be the participation of the Art School and the Institute of Artemisia Gentileschi Marmo Pietro Tacca.