Thanks to the know-how and experience acquired since 2008, the DATABASE staff offers its services designing and planning exhibitions and keys-in-hand events specifically tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our individual and full-package services are divided into phases to simplify your choice. Each member of our staff manages an aspect of catalogue design and production, from the layout to text briefing and editing, as well as materials sourcing and selecting paper, prints and distribution.

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1st phase | Exhibition, event, and fair stand design

Federica Forti manages our projects’ design and arts direction.

Based on your requirements, we can design events and exhibitions ranging from visual arts and performances to cinema, dance and music. As well as managing the direction of projects, Federica Forti  specialises in contemporary visual art, curating projects from concept to design, budgeting, scheduling and partner relations. As art director of DATABASE, she can, when required, bring in consultants from the fields of music, theatre and cinema. Each project is considered as unique, therefore every detail – from web and print communication to graphics, catering, and every other aspect of the event commissioned – is carefully analysed and planned.  

2nd phase | Planning keys-in-hand events, managing relations with institutions, grant proposals, insurance and transports.

The process that takes a project from concept to opening is managed by Eleonora Lombardi and Federica Forti, along with any consultant contacted for the individual project.

We are equipped to handle the entire production of exhibitions, performances and public events, including relations with institutions, grant proposals, fair applications, insurance and transports.  We will manage the entire process and comply with any and all requirements.   

3rd phase | Web and hardcopy communication, graphics and print

Once the project has been defined and the first steps have been made to put it into action, the next task is to design a promotional campaign able to effectively reach the project’s target audience. This aspect of planning is directed by Lorenzo Mazza, in collaboration with Federica Forti and Eleonora Lombardi.

We have the know-how to design your promotional campaign, providing estimates for online and hardcopy ad spaces reserved for DATABASE, details on the headings to which press releases and statements will be forwarded, and the pertaining recall. We can also design and produce customised graphic lines intended for invitations, pamphlets and digital and paper banners.

Our catalogues are the result of a three-person collaboration between Federica, Eleonora and Lorenzo.  Each of us manages a specific aspect of catalogue design and production, as well as its editing.

Marble Facilities

Upon commission, we can manage consultancies, estimates and manufacturing of marble sculptures produced by partnering workshops.

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